Facelift, or rhytidectomy, restores a more youthful appearance to the face without altering its physiognomy. Also known as cervical-facial lift, this procedure allows the repositioning of the anatomical structures of the face affected by ageing process. It is important to note that facelift not only removes excess skin but also rearranges appropriately the underlying tissues.

Preparing for facelift

During the preoperative evaluation, the surgeon examines the structure of the face to figure out the areas to treat and the most suitable procedures to use. Usually, patients over the age of 40 show a collapsed cheekbone that must be repositioned, a deepening in the nasal eyelid folds and extra skin on the jaw line. Furthermore, it is important to observe your quality of skin, its elasticity and bone structure. Two weeks before surgery, it is wise to stop smoking in order to ease skin healing.

Facelift procedure

Facelift procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with one or two nights of hospital stay or local anaesthesia in day surgery, even though an overnight hospital stay is always recommended. This procedure lasts about 2 hours and requires a medical bandage to wear for 24 hours.

Postoperative care instructions

About 2-3 days after surgery, you could experience bruise and oedema that will gradually disappears. The stitches in the periocular region are removed after five days, while those on the scalp are removed after about two weeks. The day after surgery, it is advisable to wash the hair whereas all normal activities can be resumed within two weeks. Scars in facelift If qualified surgeons who perform plastic surgery procedures in accredited facilities carry out the intervention, scars are mostly invisible because hidden among the hair. Moreover, a skilful surgeon knows that it is important not to put skin under excessive strain in order to prevent visible scars.


Who undergoes facelift procedure?

Patients who notice sagging tissues on their face, especially after the age of 50.

Is there any age limit to undergo this type of cosmetic surgery?

This procedure is for patients over 50 who notice sagging tissues and skin laxity on their face. Sometimes, due to genetic and constitutional factors, excessive sun exposure or considerable weight losses, facelift surgery can be performed even around the age of 40.

Is it possible to combine a facelift with other cosmetic surgery?

Facelift procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty unless there are contraindications to multiple surgical interventions.

Are there risks and / or complications for this type of cosmetic surgery?

If qualified surgeons who perform plastic surgery procedures in accredited facilities carry out this procedure, there will be no possible risks. About two weeks before facelift surgery, it is important to stop smoking in order to ease scarring.

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