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This surgical procedure enhances penis length and it is particularly requested by men suffering from penile shortness .

Preparing for phalloplasty

During the preoperative examination, the surgeon evaluates the best surgical methods to use, comparing them with the expectations of the patient, and prescribes related preoperative blood chemistries and instrumental assessments.

Phalloplasty procedure

Phalloplasty involves release of the suspensory ligament of the penis accomplished by a plastic of the pubic skin, V-­->Y plastic (penis lengthening) and / or the injection of hyaluronic acid and fat transplantation (penis widening). Generally, surgery is performed under locoregional anaesthesia in day surgery and lasts about 1 hour.

Postoperative care instructions

Postoperative course is painless, even though after anaesthesia may persist a minimal discomfort that subsides within 12-24 hours and, within 48 hours after surgery, patients can return to work. Sports can be restarted within 2 weeks. Post operatively, patients are restricted from sexual activity for one month. The gain varies depending on the suspensory ligament length, located in depth. Generally, it ranges from 2 to 4 cm and it is visible both at rest and, in a lesser extent, in erection.

Scars in phalloplasty

A small V incision is made along the pubic skin at the base of the pubis and sutured with small stitches. After hair regrowth, the scar is inconspicuous.


Who undergoes phalloplasty?

These kinds of surgical procedures are recommended for men suffering from penile shortness due to congenital defects, endocrine problems and so on.

Is there any age limit to undergo this type of plastic surgery?

There is no age limit to undergo phalloplasty.

Is it possible to combine phalloplasty with other cosmetic procedures?

Phalloplasty can be performed alone or in conjunction with other surgical procedures, such as pubic contouring when an excessive thickness of the pubic fat pad can cause a real "sinking" of the penis.

Are there risks and / or complications for this type of cosmetic surgery?

If performed by qualified surgeons with the presence of an anaesthesiologist in accredited surgery facilities, phalloplasty surgery has complications common to almost all surgery (hematoma, infection, etc...).

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