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Correct positioning of the eyebrow is an essential element in the harmony and expressiveness of the face: the eyebrow should ideally be in correspondence with the upper orbital rim in men and just above this in women. A sagging eyebrow or one that is below its ideal position gives the face a sad and tired expression.

Thanks to the facelift technique, the eyebrow can be raised back to a correct position, resolving all the major imperfections of the lateral periorbital area that could not be resolved by normal blepharoplasty surgery.


Sometimes a tired and fatigued look, wrinkles around the eyes or a drooping eyelid may not be due to excess skin in the eyelid region but rather to a downward-sloping eyebrow. During the preoperative examination, the plastic surgeon will identify the correct causes of the blemish in the periorbital area, in order to identify the most suitable intervention technique for each individual patient. In this delicate anatomical area an error in the choice of surgical technique leads to a failure to solve the patient's problems and can even worsen the harmony of the eyes.

The eyebrow lift is the most suitable technique for restoring harmony to the eyes in cases where sagging affects the eyebrow area. If the blemishes are caused solely by excess skin in the upper eyelid, blepharoplasty surgery is appropriate.


Eyebrow lift surgery involves making a small incision in an area hidden in the hair on either side of the temporal region. Through the incision, the tissues of the eyebrow are moved higher and further back, restoring them to a correct position using resorbable sutures.

The operation can be performed either under general anaesthesia with a maximum of one day's hospitalisation, or under local anaesthesia with sedation and as an outpatient procedure.


In the first few days after eyebrow lift surgery, bruising and swelling may occur in the affected area, which will gradually disappear within a few days. After 10-12 days, the stitches applied in the scalp area are removed.


No, eyebrow lift scars will be practically invisible because they are well hidden in the hair in the temporal region.


Who can undergo eyebrow lift surgery?
The eyebrow lift is particularly suitable for men and women who show signs of sagging tissue (muscles and skin) exclusively in the frontal and periorbital region. If patients have excess skin and fat in the eyelid region, they should instead undergo another type of operation, the blepharoplasty.

Is there an ideal age to undergo eyebrow lift surgery?
The largest number of requests for the eyebrow lift is from patients aged between 40 and 60, but it is technically also performed on patients aged between 70 and 80, often in combination with other procedures such as blepharoplasty and face lifts.

Can the eyebrow lift be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures?
Yes, eyebrow lift surgery can be performed in association with other facial plastic surgery techniques, such as blepharoplasty or face lifting.

What are the risks and/or complications for eyebrow lift surgery?
Eyebrow lift surgery is a fairly simple surgical procedure and if performed by a specialised surgeon in well-equipped facilities, the results are generally very satisfactory. Relying on licensed clinics and competent staff makes it easy to manage the rare complications that may arise following the procedure, such as bleeding and infection. Furthermore, carefully following the surgeon's advice regarding diet, medication intake, alcohol and smoking is an important aspect of preventing complications.

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