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Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is the most holistic branch of medicine, treating both physical and psychological wellness with special regards to balance and harmony during the various stages of life. It is known as “aesthetic” because it takes into account the physical appearance as a mirror of inner health and as a factor of social and relational well-being, in fact, care and maintenance of a harmonious appearance is a topic of great interest. Far from being unrealistic, it is a subject of research in both medicine and social psychology. Cosmetic medicine deals with the treatment of imperfections, but above all, it has a preventive role in how to know your own body, the changes during the various stages of life and the challenges that time, genetics and environmental factors can put before it. This type of medicine uses non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures (injective treatments, chemical peels, laser) and represents the “sweeter side” of plastic surgery. With innovative devices and methods, characterized by high safety, aesthetic medicine smoothes the passage of time, so that the appearance is consistent with age, being also the solution for milder problems, especially for patients who prefer less invasive approaches. In the following pages, you can learn about the main procedures of aesthetic medicine performed by Professor Pietro Lorenzetti.


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