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Post-loss surgery


Following a major weight loss, the extent of which can vary between 20 and 40 kilos in standard cases, but which can also sometimes exceed these values by a considerable amount, the patient's daily life can be extremely limited. This is due to the significant amount of excess skin that massive weight loss entails, making even the simplest daily actions, such as dressing or walking, very complicated.

After a course consisting of specific low-calorie diets and bariatric surgery, the patient may resort to various plastic surgery procedures in order to obtain a better aesthetic result as well as the restoration of functions limited by the excess skin and, therefore, also benefit psychologically.

The daily life of these patients can be improved by removing excess tissue with specific post-bariatric plastic surgery procedures that can be performed individually or, in some cases, even in a single operating session (if the patient's clinical condition allows multiple operations).

The plastic surgery procedures most commonly resorted to following major weight loss are:
- the circumferential facelift
- the abdominoplasty;
- the arm lift;
- the thigh lift;
- the face lift;
- liposuction.

Below you will find a gallery of testimonials of patients who have undergone post-loss surgery performed by Professor Lorenzetti and who have also been featured in important television programmes.

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