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Il chirurgo dell'anima

In the beginning was "Intelligenza estetica"... now the plastic surgeon touches your soul!
In 2009, Prof. Pietro Lorenzetti, one of Italy's leading experts in plastic surgery, published Intelligenza Estetica, his first book in which, through recounting his experiences with patients, he dictated an approach to cosmetic surgery that eschews excess and aims for natural results.
Two years on, after hundreds more patients he has met, Pietro Lorenzetti puts down on paper the notes and reflections of two years of work, taking a big leap forward after Aesthetic Intelligence. Not just life stories, patients' requests, deep-seated motivations for change, but something more. With Il chirurgo dell'anima, Prof. Lorenzetti tries to investigate the world of plastic surgery and everything that gravitates around it.
Over the last two years, Prof. Lorenzetti has always travelled with a notebook and, when he stopped to reread it, reflections on a context much bigger than himself, the contours of which go beyond surgical technique alone, emerged. Hence, Pietro Lorenzetti's new book touches on various aspects of the world of beauty: from surgical technique to the life experiences and maturation of patients, from inner depths to the vision of the body as a social statement, from beauty as a weapon to its value even in the world of the web. And even a glimpse into the future, from cyber medicine to 'brain doping', hypothesising not too distant perspectives in which surgery, beauty, well-being and society converge.

A journey into the world of beauty guided by an expert hand. Because what cuts the flesh leaves a mark on the soul.

Il chirurgo dell'anima is published by Baldini&Castoldi and is available in major Italian bookshops.

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