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Biostimulants and restructuring treatments

What are biostimulants and restructuring treatments?

Biostimulation or revitalization is the process of reactivation of endogenous production of collagen matrices by fibroblasts, that is, structural supports of the dermis. The cells of the subcutaneous connective tissues are known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts create collagen and repair fragile and worn skin, enhancing its tone and elasticity. Collagen production decreases over time for ageing or other reasons (lifestyle, diets, smoking, vigorous physical activity, sun exposure). As a result, skin ages losing its tone, freshness, brightness and volume causing wrinkles and fine lines. To produce collagen, fibroblasts use a nutritional support or substrate: amino acids (Glycine, L-Proline, L-Lysine), essential to compensate the decreased activity of fibroblasts. The higher amount of amino acids available in the concerned areas facilitates the increase of the vitality and number of cells that form collagen. Consequently, there is a great enhancement of the appearance of the skin. The presence of all the amino acids in the correct dosage is called “substrate”.

How are biostimulants and restructuring treatments used in aesthetic medicine?

Biostimulation is the combination of several products based on amino acids and pure hyaluronic acid: both for injection and drinkable solutions and dermocosmetology anti-ageing products, based on amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Each product has its own specific effect even when used alone. However, injections, together with drinkable solutions, enhance each other's action.

How biostimulation and restructuring treatments work?

The procedure involves one session per week for at least four weeks and subsequent planned sessions of maintenance to be carried out once a month or every 2 months, depending on the patient. Therefore, it is important to integrate local infiltrations with systemic treatments. In fact, if basic amino acids spread also throughout the body, prevent the dispersion of systemic injections supporting a remarkable increase of the concentration in the substrate, and, thus, fibroblasts activity in the desired areas.

Are there other benefits provided by bio-stimulation?

Biostimulation, apart from its own effectiveness, boosts the majority of medical-aesthetic treatments currently performed. In fact, medical-aesthetic treatments, both surgical, physical and chemical (pre and post-surgery, lasers, thermage, electroporation, mesotherapy, IPL, chemical peels) are aimed at producing damages on the skin in order to stimulate a cellular response of skin and subcutaneous tissue rejuvenation. Bio stimulation fits synergistically into all of these treatments, increasing the response of keratinocytes and fibroblasts to biostimulation and restructuring treatments.

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