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Chin and cheek surgery

Chin and cheek surgery is one of the most requested plastic surgery since it provides a harmonious and youthful balance to facial features. Mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape a small chin with solid silicone implants. Cheekbones cosmetic surgery increases the volume and changes the shape of the malar region (cheekbones) using prostheses, injection of resorbable fillers, lipofilling or, when possible, the repositioning of the underlying tissues affected by natural ageing.

Preparing for mentoplasty

During the preoperative examination, the surgeon explains the possible modifications about the shape and appearance of the face profile, taking into account cosmetic and / or chewing defects. The choice of cosmetic features for chin and cheekbones involves different surgical techniques such as fillers, lipofilling, silicone implants, Medpor, Goretex and so on. The pre-surgical assessment is a very important factor to exclude possible complications (high blood pressure, bleeding or scarring problems) that could undermine the surgical outcome; therefore, it is important to follow any advice about diet, use of medications, cigarettes and alcohol.

Mentoplasty and cheekbones surgery procedure

These types of surgery are carried out under local anaesthesia with sedation in day surgery. Sometimes, with problematic interventions, surgery is performed under general anaesthesia with one or two nights of hospital stay. Injections of absorbable or permanent fillers are performed under local anaesthesia. Surgery lasts about 1 hour; it is painless and requires a medication with gauzes, bandages and the application of ice on the treated areas for 12 hours. Treatments with absorbable fillers last a few minutes and do not require any medication.

Postoperative care instructions

By the third day after surgery, patients can restart their daily activities avoiding strenuous ones, saunas, turkish baths and sun exposure. About 48 hours after surgery, you can experience swelling and bruising around eyes, cheeks and neck. The medication will be removed on the fifth day and your face, initially swollen and oedematous, will gradually take the appearance planned before surgery. Some swelling can persist for several weeks, especially around the treated area or after taking hot drinks and sunbath, to be avoided for a few months. Three weeks after surgery, you can resume all your activities, including sports. The result, already remarkable after three weeks, is definitive within six months after surgery. With filler treatments, the outcome is immediate but some minor bruising and swelling may persist for the first 3-4 days. Mentoplasty and cheekbone surgery give very good results where aesthetic enhancement obtained with prostheses and lipofilling is permanent.

Scars in mentoplasty and malar surgery

In mentoplasty and malar surgery, scars are concealed in the oral cavity.


Who undergoes mentoplasty and cheekbone surgery?

Patients who want to reshape their face and rejuvenate their appearance. Furthermore, these types of surgical procedures help solving traumatic injuries or alterations due to previous invasive surgery.

Is there any age limit to undergo this type of plastic surgery?

Even though there are no age limits to undergo this surgery, it is preferable to wait the full development of the malar region and the cranium.

Is it possible to combine nose surgery with other cosmetic surgery?

Mentoplasty and malar augmentation can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures such as blepharoplasty, facelift, rhinoseptoplasty and other cosmetic surgery.

Are there risks and / or complications for this type of plastic surgery?

Chin and cheekbone contouring is a relatively simple surgical procedure and when carried out by qualified surgeons who perform plastic surgery procedures in accredited facilities, results are generally very satisfactory and complications (infections, hematoma) are rare and can be easily healed.

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