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Surgery of the month

Is there a right time for plastic surgery or a touch-up? Does operating at the most suitable time guarantee better results? The answer is "yes". Here is a special section dedicated to this topic, which has already been very successful in the past: the surgery of the month.

Professor Pietro Lorenzetti explains: "Liposuction involves wearing compression girdles in the days following the operation, which are uncomfortable in hot weather, which is why winter becomes the most suitable period for all liposculpture operations. Likewise, a facelift if performed in the cold season provides a better post-operative course: swelling disappears more quickly along with the reabsorption of bruises (ecchymosis) that can appear in the days following a rhinoplasty. Scars are the enemy of the sun, so it is recommended to have surgery not too close to the holidays.

In short, one can choose the best period and to inform patients. Professor Pietro Lorenzetti inaugurates 2013 with a very useful novelty: 12 mini-dossiers entitled 'Intervention of the Month' will be published on the website.Starting in January, interventions and techniques will be illustrated through written texts, stories and experiences, short but exhaustive video interviews, and explanatory drawings, up to a live account of the operation via the Twitter account @proflorenzetti: from lifting to blepharoplasty, from chin and cheekbone implants to hair transplantation, which is becoming increasingly popular among women too.And then couple's surgery with particular reference to 'makeovers' before marriage.

Here is the surgery calendar
January - face lifting;
February - blepharoplasty
March - couples' wedding surgery;
April - breast surgery (breast augmentation, reduction and mastopexy);
May - gluteoplasty with prostheses;
June - chin and cheekbone implants;
July - fillers and botulinum toxin;
September - liposculpture;
October - gynaecomastia;
November - rhinoplasty;
December - hair transplantation.

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