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Risk warning

The website provides the possibility for users to post comments on the website.
Users are requested not to enter any particular data (such as health-related data) in comments. In fact, by entering particular data linked to identification data, one can be identified with one's specific pathology.
The same care must be taken when entering data referring to third parties, for the publication of which the user assumes all responsibility.
The name of the author is published together with the comment. However, the user may decide to use a nick name. The e-mail address is only published on the site together with the user's comments if the user has ticked the appropriate box in the form.

With regard to the content entered by the user, it is recommended to
- assess with the necessary attention the opportunity, in one's comments, to include, or not to include, personal data (including the email address) that may reveal, even indirectly, one's identity (e.g. in the case where the user, when reporting sensitive personal information, includes references to places, persons, circumstances and contexts that allow, even indirectly, to trace his/her identity)
- assess whether or not it is appropriate to publish information that allows persons and places to be identified or rendered identifiable;

The user's attention is drawn to the fact that the data published with the comment are visible to any user of the site and are indexed and retrievable by generalist search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.).

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