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Intelligenza Estetica

Intelligenza Estetica is Professor Lorenzetti's first book.
Intelligenza Estetica is a collection of stories and reflections on the world of plastic surgery. Real stories of patients who have passed through the office of one of Italy's leading plastic surgeons. Sometimes strange, sometimes unreasoned, superficial requests. Others daughters of real relational problems. Not little stories, but real life stories that prompted Professor Lorenzetti to question himself and reflect on the world of plastic surgery and everything that gravitates around it.
At the same time, Intelligenza Estetica offers a glimpse of reality, making the reader realise how much the concept of cosmetic surgery is nowadays more and more outlawed and how, instead, it represents a real social phenomenon with deep roots in human history.
In a highly significant passage, Lorenzetti emphasises very clearly the importance of the role of the plastic surgeon and its profound difference from any other doctor. "Despite the possibility of learning how to assemble and disassemble a face and a body, as many of the specialists who 'cure' do, more is asked of a plastic surgeon. They are asked to know the value of proportion, to have studied anatomy but hopefully also the art of each era.We must know fashion trends because the body adapts to them.Finally, we must know not where to push our skill, but where to stop.On this thin thread the good plastic surgeon walks every day.Between the temptation to apply a theoretical beauty model and respect for the characteristics of the face of the person he is operating on. Without forgetting the personality, sensitivity, emotions of the patient who will have to accept and metabolise a partly new identity'.

But then what is Intelligenza Estetica?
Lorenzetti himself explains it in the first pages of his book. "I define this set of skills and sensitivity as a true form of "intelligence", aesthetic intelligence, partly innate, partly educable through exercise and dedication, provided there is a basic predisposition, a deep need to seek harmony always and in any case".

A journey into beauty, in which, led by an expert hand, you will be able to understand what and how different are the motivations that drive a person to go to a plastic surgeon.

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