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Dictionary of Plastic Surgery

Scientific, technical, colloquial and totally made-up terms. You might read them in the newspapers or hear them uttered by the cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon you have consulted to improve a part of your body or face. In many cases, people do not ask for explanations because they are ashamed of not knowing some of the terms and therefore try to guess their meaning.

"Understanding well is important in medicine," explains Professor Lorenzetti. "Studies have shown that 80 per cent of lawsuits between patients and doctors are due precisely to faulty communication, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. It is the doctor who must make an effort to explain clearly and above all make sure that all aspects are understood'.

And in case of doubt Professor Lorenzetti has come up with a singular and unique dictionary of the terms that recur most in the world of beauty, to know even if only for an aperitif with the most fashionable friends!

Download it by clicking on the first link below!

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